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Drysuit and thermal undersuits customized service, professional Chinese manufacturing factory, accepting orders from global customers, accepting customer designs, specifying material types, accepting customer LOGO printing, neoprene, butyl tri-laminate and breathable tri-laminate a variety of materials are available!

Customize Drysuit & Thermal Undersuit - Manufacturer and Supplier

In response to customer needs, we now also provide customized services for drysuits and thermal undersuits. However, due to the constraints of materials and accessories, the custom service of drysuits is subject to certain restrictions. Customers can specify the design, select limited types of materials and accessories, and accept customer LOGO printing.

In terms of materials, the neoprene fabric can be provided with Taiwan-Nam Liong or Japan-YAMAMOTO rubber, the butyl fabric can be provided with Taiwan-FRG or UK-Fothergill products, and the waterproof and breathable interlayer is made of 330D Cordura® fabric. The above materials are subject to real-time inventory for customers to choose. In addition, the butyl rubber cloth can be customized according to the model specified by the customer. If there is no inventory, it can be purchased in small batches. The customer needs to pay additional fees and the delivery time needs to be extended accordingly. The thermal undersuits material is available in 3M Thinsulate™ BZ200 and BZ400, and Primaloft® (P-cotton, additional charge) can be ordered as a special option.

In terms of accessories, the valve can provide a full range of SI-TECH® and Apeks® products (inflation valve, exhaust valve, dump valve, pee valve) and Halcyon's pee valve. the seals can provide a full range of Seamtite™ and SI-TECH® products, PD thickening seals products can also be ordered (additional charge). Modular Seals System and Dry Glove System can provide a full range of SI-TECH® products. In addition, Seamtite™, SI-TECH®, PD self-sealing latex hoods, latex gloves and latex socks are also available. Airtight zippers are available in the BDM / YKK® PROSEAL® series (nickel silver teeth) and the AQUASEAL® series (plastic teeth).

We recommend customers to measure their body data according to the requirements of the measurement table. At present, we only provide measurement services in Shanghai, China (Room 103, No. 1436, Jungong Road, Yangpu District, Shanghai), and because the designer is busy with work, customers need to make an appointment in advance.

  • Customize Neoprene Drysuit
    Back Zip
  • Customize Neoprene Drysuit
    Front Zip

Customize Neoprene Drysuit

Material: CR neoprene (Japan-YAMAMOTO / Taiwan-Nam Liong), outer layer laminated small diamond fabric / nylon fabric, inner layer laminated thermal fabric / nylon fabric.

Suppliers Taiwan-Nam Liong Japan-YAMAMOTO
High Density DS #88
Common F04 / W7 / W8 #50 / #45 / #38

Process: "GBS", non-penetration stitching method after bonded with glue. "Weld", all bonded with glue and stitch-free. The seam line can be reinforced with "Tape" / "Liquid" / "Neotape".

Explain: Seals, zippers, valves and other accessories are available in a variety of options.

Note: The fabric compounding is done by our company, and the supply is more convenient.

  • Customize Butyl Tri-Laminate Drysuit
    Back Zip
  • Customize Butyl Tri-Laminate Drysuit
    Front Zip

Customize Butyl Tri-Laminate Drysuit

Material: Butyl tri-laminate fabric, outer layer: nylon / polyester, middle layer: butyl rubber, inner layer: 70D nylon / 75D polyester.

Suppliers Taiwan-FRG UK-Fothergill
Polyester LVL3W 1945
Nylon LVL73 1342
Cordura® LVL55 1997

Process: "Stitch", double-line buried clamp car to ensure the firmness of the seam. "Glue Tape", the seam are glued with rubber tape to ensure water resistance.

Explain: Seals, zippers, valves and other accessories are available in a variety of options.

Note: Both brands have a variety of models of butyl fabrics available, the specific models will not be listed one by one. There are more nylon fabrics for FRG products, and more polyester fabrics for Fothergill products.

  • Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Amphibious Drysuit
    Amphibious Drysuit
  • Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Amphibious Drysuit
    Amphibious Drysuit
  • Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Surface Drysuit
    Surface Drysuit
  • Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Surface Drysuit
    Surface Drysuit
  • Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Rescue Drysuit
    Rescue Drysuit
  • Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Rescue Drysuit
    Rescue Drysuit

Customize Breathable Tri-Laminate Drysuit

Material: Breathable tri-laminate fabric, outer layer: 210D or 320D Nylon / 330D Cordura®, middle layer: PU / PTFE / PU + PTFE, inner layer: 20D Tricot.

Type Common High Grade
Outer Layer Nylon Cordura®
Middle Layer PU PTFE / PU + PTFE

Process: "Stitch", single-thread or double-thread buried clip car to ensure the firmness of the seam. "Hot Tape", the seam use hot melt tape to ensure water resistance.

Explain: Seals, zippers and other accessories are available in a variety of options.

Note: Subject to existing stock models.

Custom Drysuit Services - Order Step / Payment Method

1: Tell our designers about the information you need to custom your drysuit (design, material, etc.) and body measurements data. E-mail: maggie@wetsuit.asia or Mobile / WhatsApp: +86 138 168 15888.

2: After we receive your information, the designer will communicate with you. After the information is confirmed, the quotation and production time will be provided.

3: Customers pay to our company's bank account or PayPal account. We will produce and deliver the goods after receiving the payment.

Custom Drysuit Measurement Diagram

Custom Drysuit - Body Data Measurement

➜ Click to download the "Measurement Form", accurately measure and fill in the data according to the measurement form.

Description: Our custom drysuits are based on actual data measured by the customer's body, and according to the customer's preferences (snug, semi snug, loose), adjust the size and then produce it, so important to ensure accurate measurement data.

Recommendation 1: We recommend that others help you measure, which will be more accurate.

Recommendation 2: If you are concerned about the accuracy of the measurement, you can measure your current clothes, or even send your drysuit to us, and then tell us the parts of the same size, or need to be modified. If you have any questions about measurement, don't hesitate to contact us.

How to Remedy the Error: How to remedy the measurement error: Please contact us if you find the measurement error cause too large to unusable. You can send the drysuit and the correct data back to our factory for modification. We offer a free modification opportunity (contact us for more information).

Who needs to custom drysuit:

1: Can't find a fitting drysuit in the market, or wants to pursue a better wear experience.

2: Want the drysuit designed in accordance who own design, to reflect the personality to achieve functional.

Remarks: Because the custom services price is higher, if you just need to have their own brand LOGO or special printing pattern of customers, we specify design of small batch order services (MOQ: A set of suit) will be able to meet your needs, Cost-effective!

Drysuit Type:

Type Neoprene Drysuit Butyl Drysuit Breathable Drysuit
Material Neoprene Fabric Butyl Fabric Breathable Fabric
Process Glue & Blind Stitch + Glue Tape Flatlock Stitch + Glue Tape Flatlock Stitch + Hot Tape
Firmness Good Good Ordinary
Easy to Carry Not Good Ordinary Good
Thermal Insulation Good Little Little
Valve Inflation Valve, Exhaust Valve Inflation Valve, Exhaust Valve No or Dump Valve
Applications Diving Diving Water Sports, Rescue

Note: Breathable tri-laminate drysuit are not suitable for diving, but because of its light and low-cost characteristics, many brands have launched ultra-lightweight travel drysuit (equipped with inflation valve and exhaust valve) made based on breathable tri-laminate fabric, but it can generally only be used for diving at a depth of no more than 10 meters. In fact, there are also lightweight options for butyl tri-laminate fabric, but the price is more expensive than breathable tri-laminate fabric.

Drysuits Leaking and Maintenance Problems:

All our drysuits are tested for pressure leaks in a test pool before leaving the factory to ensure that the drysuits do not leak when shipped, but the harsh transportation environment (Abnormal collision and squeezing) and incorrect storage (abnormal squeezes) occasionally cause water leaks (rarely found).

Unless drysuits are rarely used, water leakage is practically impossible to avoid. Due to the use environment, strength, habits, matching, cleaning and storage methods and occasions, component life and aging and other factors, many drysuits are used after dozens to hundreds of times, it will happen water leaks.

Leaking does not mean that drysuits can no longer be used, most of the water leakage conditions can be repaired. We provide warranty services (quality problems) and repair services (use problems). Unless the aging material has no repair value, everything else can be repaired.

Under normal circumstances, common simple problems are recommended to customers to repair by themselves (such as small leaks, etc.) to save time and transportation costs. We have optional repair kits when we leave the factory, and various repair kits are also available on the market. If there is a big problem, it is recommended that the customer return to the factory for repair (for example: replacing the waterproof zipper, repairing a large break, etc.).