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Drysuit Valve - Supplier

The mainstream brands of inflation valves, exhaust valves and pee valves used in drysuits are SI-TECH® (Sweden) and Apeks® (UK). In addition, the pee valves of Halcyon (US) are also well-known, dump valve is usually used on surface drysuits or rescue drysuits. There are also some other brands of valves on the market, and there are many counterfeit products.

SI-TECH® is a professional drysuit valve manufacturer. This Swedish company has a long history of developing cold water diving equipment. We provide a full range of SI-TECH® products, including inflation valves, exhaust valves, dump valves, pee valves and many other varieties. We also provide Halcyon pee valve, which is a product trusted by the majority of diving enthusiasts. At the request of customers, we also provide maintenance and replacement services for related products.

We use SI-TECH® original valve port, and choose the corresponding material (neoprene, PU), size (75MM, 80MM, 85MM, 100MM), type (outer port, internal port) according to different types of drysuits. SI-TECH® original valve port are expensive, but the accuracy is guaranteed. They have a high degree of compatibility with the valve. There are some cheap alternatives on the market, but the accuracy cannot be guaranteed and we will not use them.

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Inflation Valv - Skeleton
    SI-TECH® Inflation Valve - Skeleton
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Inflation Valv - Shell
    SI-TECH® Inflation Valve - Shell
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Inflation Valv - Slide
    SI-TECH® Inflation Valve - Slide

SI-TECH® Drysuit Inflation Valve

Model: Skeleton, Shell, Slide.

Button: Available with high/low push button.

Nipple: Available with Int´l or CEJN type nipple.

Note: The Skeleton and Shell Inflation Valve is also available in a NM (Low Mute) version for special needs.

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Cable-Passable Inflation Valve - VEGA
    SI-TECH® Cable-Passable Inflation Valve - VEGA
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Cable-Passable Valve Base - ATOS
    SI-TECH® Cable-Passable Valve Base - ATOS

SI-TECH® Drysuit Cable-Passable Valve

Model / Cable Aperture: VEGA, ATOS. M12 x 1.5 (3-7MM), M16 x 1.5 (4.5-9MM).

Explain: VEGA is a cable-passable inflation valve. ATOS is only a valve base, it needs to be used in combination with a valve, or it can be used with a valve blanking plug.

Note: This series of products is developed to match the electric heating undersuit. Our company also provides a variety of E/O cord.

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Exhaust Valve - Thetis
    SI-TECH® Exhaust Valve - Thetis
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Exhaust Valve - Argo
    SI-TECH® Exhaust Valve - Argo
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Exhaust Valve - Gaude
    SI-TECH® Exhaust Valve - Gaude

SI-TECH® Drysuit Exhaust Valve

Model: Thetis, Argo, Gaude.

Pressure Resistance: Adjustable from 2 - 25 mbar.

Explain: Thetis is a low valve, Argo and Gaude are high valves.

Note: The Argo, Thetis and Gaude Exhaust Valve is also available in a NM (Low Mute) version for special needs.

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Dump Valve - Cuff
    SI-TECH® Dump Valve - Cuff
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Dump Valve - Low Profile
    SI-TECH® Dump Valve - Low Profile
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Dump Valve - On/Off
    SI-TECH® Dump Valve - On/Off
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Dump Valve - String
    SI-TECH® Dump Valve - String

SI-TECH® Drysuit Dump Valve

Model: Cuff,Low Profile,On/Off,String。

Pressure Resistance (10 L/m): Cuff & Low Profile - 0.6 mbar, On/Off - 2 mbar, String - 100 mbar.

Note: The dump valve is not a substitute for the exhaust valve, and should be used in conjunction with the exhaust valve. Non diving drysuits can be used alone (eg rescue drysuits).

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Pee Valve - TRIGON
    SI-TECH® Pee Valve - TRIGON
  • Halcyon Drysuit Pee Valve - STREAMLINE
    Halcyon Pee Valve - STREAMLINE

SI-TECH® / Halcyon Drysuit Pee Valve


Explain: SI-TECH® valves have common openings and port, that is, when the pee valves are not in use, other valves or valve blanking plug can be installed.

Note: Need to be used with accessories (man: Uridome, woman: She-P).

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Port - CR100
    SI-TECH® Valve Port - CR100
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Port - PU75
    SI-TECH® Valve Port - PU75
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Port - PU85
    SI-TECH® Valve Port - PU85
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Port - Internal Port
    SI-TECH® Valve Port - Internal Port
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Port - Weld Nut
    SI-TECH® Valve Port - Weld Nut

SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Port

Model: Outer port (CR100、PU85、PU75), internal port (PU80), Weld Nut.

Explain: CR100 is made of neoprene and has two sub-models, suitable for neoprene drysuits. PU85 and PU75 are made of PU material, used in membrane drysuits. The internal port (PU80) is made of PU material, which is suitable for membrane drysuits. Weld nuts are suitable for some specific scenarios.

Note: Use SI-TECH® original valve port and correct treatment agents to reduce the risk of water leakage at the valve port.

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Attachment Tool
    SI-TECH® Valve Attachment Tool
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Combi Tool
    SI-TECH® Combi Tool
  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Dump Valve Attachment Tool
    SI-TECH® Dump Valve Attachment Tool

SI-TECH® Valve Attachment Tool

Model: Valve attachment tool, combi tool, dump valve attachment tool.

Note: The above tools are specially designed for SI-TECH® products, and products of other brands are not applicable. Use SI-TECH® original tools to avoid valve damage caused by installation errors (many installation errors have caused exhaust valve damage).

  • SI-TECH® Drysuit Valve Blanking Plug
    SI-TECH® Valve Blanking Plug
  • Drysuit Wrist Blanking Plug
    Wrist Blanking Plug
  • Drysuit Neck Blanking Plug
    Neck Blanking Plug

Drysuit Blanking Plug

Model: SI-TECH® Valve Blanking Plug, Wrist Blanking Plug, Neck Blanking Plug.

Explain: SI-TECH® valve blanking plug can be used in a variety of scenarios, such as replacing the SI-TECH® exhaust valve, replacing the SI-TECH® pee valve. Wrist blanking plug and neck blanking plug are used to block the wrists and neck during the water test of the drysuit to improve the efficiency.

Note: Wrist blanking plug and neck blanking plug are suitable for most latex and silicone seals, but they cannot cover all of them.

Drysuit Type:

Type Neoprene Drysuit Butyl Drysuit Breathable Drysuit
Material Neoprene Fabric Butyl Fabric Breathable Fabric
Process Glue & Blind Stitch + Glue Tape Flatlock Stitch + Glue Tape Flatlock Stitch + Hot Tape
Firmness Good Good Ordinary
Easy to Carry Not Good Ordinary Good
Thermal Insulation Good Little Little
Valve Inflation Valve, Exhaust Valve Inflation Valve, Exhaust Valve No or Dump Valve
Applications Diving Diving Water Sports, Rescue

Note: Breathable tri-laminate drysuit are not suitable for diving, but because of its light and low-cost characteristics, many brands have launched ultra-lightweight travel drysuit (equipped with inflation valve and exhaust valve) made based on breathable tri-laminate fabric, but it can generally only be used for diving at a depth of no more than 10 meters. In fact, there are also lightweight options for butyl tri-laminate fabric, but the price is more expensive than breathable tri-laminate fabric.

Drysuits Leaking and Maintenance Problems:

All our drysuits are tested for pressure leaks in a test pool before leaving the factory to ensure that the drysuits do not leak when shipped, but the harsh transportation environment (Abnormal collision and squeezing) and incorrect storage (abnormal squeezes) occasionally cause water leaks (rarely found).

Unless drysuits are rarely used, water leakage is practically impossible to avoid. Due to the use environment, strength, habits, matching, cleaning and storage methods and occasions, component life and aging and other factors, many drysuits are used after dozens to hundreds of times, it will happen water leaks.

Leaking does not mean that drysuits can no longer be used, most of the water leakage conditions can be repaired. We provide warranty services (quality problems) and repair services (use problems). Unless the aging material has no repair value, everything else can be repaired.

Under normal circumstances, common simple problems are recommended to customers to repair by themselves (such as small leaks, etc.) to save time and transportation costs. We have optional repair kits when we leave the factory, and various repair kits are also available on the market. If there is a big problem, it is recommended that the customer return to the factory for repair (for example: replacing the waterproof zipper, repairing a large break, etc.).