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Waders have a wide range of applications. They are worn while angling, water gardening, playing with model boats, waterfowl hunting, agriculture and in the maintenance of water supply, sewerage and other utilities. Waders are also essential for keeping warm during colder months, because they keep the cold water off the skin, which otherwise could cause hypothermia or other problems. Different materials can be chosen according to the water temperature.

The common materials used for waders are neoprene and PVC. Neoprene waders have good thermal performance, but they are not easy to dry and are slightly bulky. PVC waders are light weight, dry quickly, cheap, but not thermal. They have different physical properties and are suitable for different occasions (neoprene waders for cold areas, PVC waders for hot areas) .

In recent years, breathable tri-laminate fabric has also been gradually used to make waders. Breathable tri-laminate fabric is a material that allows the body to get rid of moisture, but it also has a certain waterproof performance. Allows the wearer to keep the body dry in a humid environment. The waders made of this material are comfortable and lightweight, but their price is very expensive, and like PVC waders, they have not thermal performance.

  • Neoprene Camouflage Fishing Waders
  • Neoprene Fishing Waders
  • Neoprene Fishing Waders

Neoprene Waders

Material: SBR neoprene double laminated polyester fabric.

Thickness: 3.5mm (Provide other thickness).

Process: "GBS Seam", glue then use non penetration stitching (Glue + Blind Stitch), max flexible and prevent water entry. The joint can be reinforced with "Hot Tape" / "Tape" .

Boots: PVC boot with non-slip sole and optional 3M Thinsulate™ lining.

Features: Adjustable suspenders. Chest pocket with drain holes. Comes with a belt for easy hanging of tools and use.

Explanation: Accept the camouflage pattern of customer design.

  • PVC Fishing Waders
  • PVC Hip Waders
  • PVC Hip Waders

PVC Waders

Material: 2-layer nylon / waterproof PVC fabric.

Process: "Ultrasonic Weld" / "Stitch", single-thread or double-thread buried clip car to ensure the firmness of the seam. "Hot Tape", the seam use hot melt tape to ensure water resistance.

Boots: PVC boots with non-slip sole.

Features: Adjustable suspenders. Flip over breast pocket. Comes with a belt for easy tool hanging and use.

Explanation: PVC waders are cheaper.

  • Breathable Fishing Waders

Breathable Waders

Material: Breathable tri-laminate fabric, outer layer: 320D Nylon / 330D Cordura®, middle layer: PU + PTFE / PTFE, inner layer: 20D Tricot.

Process: "Ultrasonic Weld" / "Stitch", single-thread or double-thread buried clip car to ensure the firmness of the seam. "Hot Tape", the seam use hot melt tape to ensure water resistance.

Socks: Neoprene socks.

Features: Adjustable harness with quick release buckle. Chest pocket with drain holes. Comes with a belt for easy hanging of tools and use.

Explanation: The middle layer PU film is easily polluted and scrapped in harsh environments such as swamps, so it is no longer used alone.

Breathable Tri-Laminate Fabric Type:

Outer Layer 210D Nylon 320D Nylon 330D Cordura®
Middle Layer PU PTFE PU + PTFE
Inner Layer 20D Tricot

SGS Test Report (Breathable Tri-Laminate Fabric):

Description of SGS Test Products:
Usually, we use the American Standard ASTM E96/E96M method for moisture permeability test. This method specifies six test procedures. The test results obtained by different test procedures or even different versions of the same test procedure are very different. When comparing the performance indicators of related products, it is necessary to pay attention to the test program and version. The results of different programs and versions are not comparable.

Waders Leaking and Maintenance Problems:

All our waders are tested for pressure leaks in a test pool before leaving the factory to ensure that the waders do not leak when shipped, but the harsh transportation environment (Abnormal collision and squeezing) and incorrect storage (abnormal squeezes) occasionally cause water leaks (rarely found).

Unless waders are rarely used, water leakage is practically impossible to avoid. Due to the use environment, strength, habits, matching, cleaning and storage methods and occasions, component life and aging and other factors, many waders are used after dozens to hundreds of times, it will happen water leaks.

Leaking does not mean that waders can no longer be used, most of the water leakage conditions can be repaired. We provide warranty services (quality problems) and repair services (use problems). Unless the aging material has no repair value, everything else can be repaired.

Under normal circumstances, common simple problems are recommended to customers to repair by themselves (such as small leaks, etc.) to save time and transportation costs. We have optional repair kits when we leave the factory, and various repair kits are also available on the market. If there is a big problem, it is recommended that the customer return to the factory for repair (for example: repairing a large break, etc.).