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AquaLung & Apeks Dive Equipment - Supplier

AquaLung is the world's top dive equipment manufacturer, Apeks is now a sub-brand, and former executives Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan co-invented what we now have in 1943 as the scuba diving system, be the pioneer of the watersports revolution.

factory. In order to meet customer needs, we also provide AquaLung & Apeks & TUSA brand dive equipment and accessories. These products are provided by the general agent of AquaLung & Apeks & TUSA in Greater China , and the brand general agent is responsible for related after-sales issues.

  • Apeks MTX-RC Regulator
    Apeks MTX-RC
  • AquaLung Leg3nd Elite Regulator
    AquaLung Leg3nd Elite


Explain: We can provide AquaLung and Apeks brand breathing regulators, according to different application scenarios of the product, it is divided into two different series: recreational diving and technical / military diving. AquaLung is more casual, such as Leg3nd and Helix series. Apeks is more technical/military, such as the civilian model XTX-50 and the advanced version XTX-200 / XTX-TUNGSTEN developed from the previous generation of military regulators in the US military, and the civilian model MTX- R and advanced version MTX-RC and so on. Because of the ultra-balanced diaphragm design, AquaLung and Apeks regulators are ideal for ice diving and diving in polluted water.

  • Apeks WTX Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD)
    Apeks WTX
  • AquaLung BC1 Military / Public Safety Buoyancy Compensation Device (BCD
    AquaLung BC1


Explain: Buoyancy Control Device (BCD, buoyancy compensator), is an important device for adjusting diving buoyancy and safety, and is an indispensable part of diving equipment. By controlling and adjusting the BCD air volume, the buoyancy required for different depths, as well as the speed of the diver's descent and ascent can be adjusted. Commonly there are two types of jacket type and backpack type.

  • Apeks DSX Dive Computer
    Apeks DSX
  • AquaLung SPG
    AquaLung SPG

Dive Computers / Dive Gauges

Explain: Dive computer is a precision instrument used by divers during diving. Dive computer can provide information support including safety monitoring and control commands, which helps to improve diving efficiency and safety. Especially for deep diving and navigation diving, it is essential equipment. The dive residual pressure gauge refers to an instrument for measuring the remaining pressure in the gas cylinder. It is mainly used to monitor the remaining available gas volume in the diver's gas cylinder to ensure safety. By checking the readings of the residual pressure gauge, divers can manage the gas volume in the cylinder more effectively to ensure that there is enough reserve gas to deal with emergencies. The residual pressure gauge is an important device to ensure diving safety.

  • Apeks VX2 Dive Mask
    Apeks VX2
  • AquaLung Reveal X1 Dive Mask
    AquaLung Reveal X1

Dive Masks

Explain: A dive mask is a type of dive equipment that comes in two basic categories, the half mask (covers the eyes and nose) and the full mask (covers the eyes, nose and mouth). Half masks are more common and allow divers to see clearly underwater. There are a variety of window shapes to choose from, and each design usually only fits certain face shapes. A good snug fit and a reliable seal around the rubber skirt are very important for the correct function of the dive mask.

  • Apeks MILITARY Dive Snorkel
    Apeks MILITARY
  • AquaLung Zephyr Flex Dive Snorkel
    AquaLung Zephyr Flex

Dive Snorkels

Explain: A dive snorkel is a device used to breathe air from the surface when the wearer is submerged head-down in the water with their mouth and nose submerged. It can be separate or integrated into a swimming or dive mask. The all-in-one version is only suitable for surface snorkeling, while the self-contained version can also be used for underwater activities such as spearfishing, freediving, and surface breathing with scuba dive equipment.

  • Apeks RK3 HD Dive Fins
    Apeks RK3 HD
  • AquaLung Shot Fx Dive Fins
    AquaLung Shot Fx

Dive Fins

Explain: Dive fins are a necessity in dive equipment and are usually divided into three categories (Full Foot Fins, Open Heel Fins, Jet Fins), each with its own unique features and benefits. Choosing the right fins is crucial as it is responsible for propulsion while diving. Everyone has a different level of fitness and strength, and the perfect dive fins for one person may not be right for another, depending on the situation to choose the fins that are best for you.