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AquaLung & Apeks Dive Fins - Supplier

AquaLung is the world's top dive equipment manufacturer, Apeks is now a sub-brand, and former executives Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan co-invented what we now have in 1943 as the scuba diving system, be the pioneer of the watersports revolution.

Dive fins are a necessity in dive equipment and are usually divided into three categories (Full Foot Fins, Open Heel Fins, Jet Fins), each with its own unique features and benefits. Choosing the right fins is crucial as it is responsible for propulsion while diving. Everyone has a different level of fitness and strength, and the perfect dive fins for one person may not be right for another, depending on the situation to choose the fins that are best for you.

  • Apeks ROCKET Dive Fins
  • Apeks ROCKET II Dive Fins
  • Apeks RK3 Dive Fins
    Apeks RK3
  • Apeks RK3 HD Dive Fins
    Apeks RK3 HD
  • Apeks RK4 Dive Fins
    Apeks RK4

Apeks Dive Fins

Explain: Known for their high quality and performance, Apeks dive fins are popular with military / public safety divers.

Technical Features: There are many models, so we will not list them all.

Note: The RK3 HD version is neutrally buoyant.

  • AquaLung Phazer HydroActive Dive Fins
    AquaLung Phazer HydroActive
  • AquaLung Phazer Dive Fins
    AquaLung Phazer
  • AquaLung Shot Fx Dive Fins
    AquaLung Shot Fx
  • AquaLung Express ADJ Dive Fins
    AquaLung Express ADJ
  • AquaLung Storm Max Dive Fins
    AquaLung Storm Max
  • AquaLung Storm Dive Fins
    AquaLung Storm
  • AquaLung Stratos Adj Dive Fins
    AquaLung Stratos Adj
  • AquaLung Stratos 3 Dive Fins
    AquaLung Stratos 3
  • AquaLung Wind Dive Fins
    AquaLung Wind

AquaLung Dive Fins

Explain: AquaLung dive fins are packed with superior technical features and are aimed at recreational and technical divers.

Technical Features: There are many models, so we will not list them all.

Note: There are many product lines, and some models take a long time to order.

AquaLung Dive Fins Configuration:

AquaLung Dive Fins Configuration