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AquaLung & Apeks Dive Masks - Supplier

AquaLung is the world's top dive equipment manufacturer, Apeks is now a sub-brand, and former executives Jacques Cousteau and Emile Gagnan co-invented what we now have in 1943 as the scuba diving system, be the pioneer of the watersports revolution.

A dive mask is a type of dive equipment that comes in two basic categories, the half mask (covers the eyes and nose) and the full mask (covers the eyes, nose and mouth). Half masks are more common and allow divers to see clearly underwater. There are a variety of window shapes to choose from, and each design usually only fits certain face shapes. A good snug fit and a reliable seal around the rubber skirt are very important for the correct function of the dive mask.

  • Apeks VX1 Dive Mask
    Apeks VX1
  • Apeks VX1 Dive Mask
    Apeks VX1
  • Apeks VX2 Dive Mask
    Apeks VX2
  • Apeks VX2 Dive Mask
    Apeks VX2

Apeks Dive Masks

Explain: Apeks has two dive masks, VX1 and VX2.

Technical Features: Equipped with Pure Clear lenses. The quick release buckle allows for easy adjustment for an optimal fit even while wearing dry gloves.

Note: Designed and produced in Italy.

  • AquaLung Reveal UltraFit Dive Mask
    AquaLung Reveal UltraFit
  • AquaLung Plazma Dive Mask
    AquaLung Plazma
  • AquaLung Linea Dive Mask
    AquaLung Linea
  • AquaLung Teknika Dive Mask
    AquaLung Teknika
  • AquaLung Reveal X1 Dive Mask
    AquaLung Reveal X1
  • AquaLung Look Dive Mask
    AquaLung Look
  • AquaLung Duetto Dive Mask
    AquaLung Duetto

AquaLung Dive Mask

Explain: AquaLung has a variety of dive masks, Reveal UltraFit, Plazma, Linea, Teknika, Reveal X1, Look, Duetto.

Technical Features: There are many models, so we will not list them all.

Note: Different styles of dive masks have their own shapes and characteristics, and are suitable for different application scenarios.

AquaLung Dive Masks Configuration:

AquaLung Dive Masks Configuration